Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

In my neck of the woods we celebrate Pearl Harbor Day. We have a lighthouse on the top of nearby Mt. Diablo. Every December 7th the survivors of that infamous day gather on the mountaintop and turn on the beacon for all to see all night long.

One year we made the trek up the mountain with our cub scout troop. The boys were in awe to hear  the tales of Pearl

USS Arizona Memorial

 Harbor, to meet the men who had been there. Before we went Pearl Harbor was just a place to the boys and December 7th just a day. They applauded those men who had been there when they weren’t very much older than our cub scouts themselves.

If we don’t remember our history, we are destined to repeat it.

Jill James


One thought on “Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

  1. I’ve been the Pearl Harbor memorial, in Hawaii, and it was very moving. I didn’t realize they did a ceremony on Diablo. That is very cool. There are so few survivors left.

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