My Golden Heart Adventure

I haven’t entered RWA’s Golden Heart contest for unpublished authors for a couple of years because my last scores were so bad I was sure I sucked as a writer. No — just that story.

So I decided to enter this year. Did really well getting the money and entry in on time. No problem.

I knew I needed to rewrite chapter 1 because it just wasn’t working. I waited…and waited…and waited to do it. Until I noticed Thanksgiving fast approaching. Plunk myself down, shut office door, put on earphones and didn’t come out until chapter was done. So far so good.

Sent GH entry to CP to look over. She was nice and fast and very, very helpful. Thank you Keri.

Noticed with rewrite of chapter 1 a whole lot of other stuff needed to be changed too. Oops!! Got it all edited and pulled together Thanksgiving morning. Yeah! Ahead of personal schedule.

Today I print out the 6 copies of partials, 6 copies of synopsis, and burn CD of full (All by myself, no son help). Put synopsis with partial, read directions at RWA National, pull sysnopsis from back of entry and put in front, add binder clips.

Go to UPS store. Give them address, they box it all nice for me and everything.

Celebrate with Starbuck’s, go home to check email and see CD in case on desk. Oh Sh@t!!! Run back to UPS store and pray it hasn’t been picked up yet, it hadn’t, UPS guy having lunch first, get them to open box and put CD inside, reseal box and thank them very, very, very much.

My getting-the-GH-entry-in adventure  Jill James


17 thoughts on “My Golden Heart Adventure

  1. Hilarious about that disk! You were obviously focused on that Starbucks–I know exactly how that feels. Congrats on getting your entry out! Woo-hoo!

  2. Oh, poor Jill, I’ve done things just like forgetting the disk, or something similar. lol Nothing like a little panic.
    Glad you made it.

  3. Jill, I would’ve come home to find the same thing on my desk had I entered. So glad to hear that you were able to get it in the package. Hurray for guys eating lunch. LOL

    Congrats on getting it ready and best of luck with your entry!

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