Disaster Rubbernecking

You know the people, you might even be an unwilling participant. The ones who slow down at an accident scene, drive as slow as possible, and crane their necks until you just know they will need a chiropractor tomorrow, to gaze at the scene.

The past few days have been like that for RWA members. I won’t go into details on my own blog because their is more than enough all over the blogosphere. Just Google RWA and Harlequin Horizons and BLAM! it will hit you upside the head.

This post is more about the fascination we seem to have about watching the disaster unfold. Unlike a real accident scene the blood and gore of this fiasco is only of the ‘word’ kind. Never forget though, that real people are behind the scenes of this Titanic. For all the ‘unrecognizing’ and ‘rescinding’ involved, those words represent real people, authors who are confused right now about ‘what it all means’.

I have spent the last two  days ‘rubbernecking’ the whole RWA/Harlequin Horizons event in the mistaken belief that I need to be informed about these things. I do need to know, but I also need to write, which is something I haven’t done for two days as this all unfolded.

So, I’m pulling my head back into the car, staring straight ahead, knowing my organization will let me know what is being decided while I do what I’m supposed to be doing — writing.

Jill James


10 thoughts on “Disaster Rubbernecking

  1. Very interesting post! I think you make some excellent points…I will be doing the same! Keeping my nose to the grindstone.

  2. You’re exactly right. When it all unfolded it was exactly like watching a wreck take place. Do I call the police? Do I need to tell them who’s fault I think it is? Am I a witness?
    Then I realize it’s none of the above as the emergency crew pulls up and starts to put out the flames and extract the passengers from the wreckage. I’m just a rubbernecker too, with no one I know involved.

  3. I too am lurking reading all the emails and ducking! I will worry about that once they offer me a contract, until then…keep writing so I have something to submit!

  4. Tonya, thanks for stopping by the blog. I’m back to writing too. That’s where my energy needs to be right now and I’ll rely on RWA to have my back.

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