At the Speed of Light

thanksgivingThis year seems to be whooshing by at the speed of light. It was just summer and we were melting here in Northern California. Whoosh!! It is almost Thanksgiving.

In our household the Christmas tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving so we usually are all done Christmas shopping by now and the presents are all wrapped and ready to go under the tree. We were so behind we had one Christmas present purchased. So Saturday we went Christmas shopping and now we are 90% there. The only thing left is a trip to the toy store for the children in our family.

You have not been Christmas shopping until you’ve gone with my husband.  We spent one hour in Penney’s and had almost everyone’s present.  He’ll grab a shirt, looks like Uncle Tom, grab pants, looks like Tim, grab a sweater, looks like Grandma…..done here. LOL

He has no patience to spend a day out shopping, looking in windows, maybe stop for some lunch. He just wants it done and over. But, if I went by myself it would probably take weeks so we compromise. Ahh, the joys of marriage.

Jill James


2 thoughts on “At the Speed of Light

  1. We put our tree up after Thanksgiving too. We go to a tree farm and they offer hot cocoa around the fire while we sit on boulders. It’s a fun family tradition.
    My husband is great! We have to go to all the stores b/c one of my kids like penney’s, one like American Eagle, one like Holister and the other like Aberecromie. Plus we have all the electrical gagets to get! So we check out the deals on line before we head to Best Buy or where ever. I have already started shopping b/c I can’t do the one stop shop.

  2. Tonya, sounds like a lovely family tradition. We usually start shopping in August or September and get something every weekend. But this year has been hectic and we had to do it all at once.

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