Nanowrimo Day 9

My nano seems to have puttered to a stop. But, my editing is going like a rocket ship. So perhaps there is a reason for everything. The whole door/window analogy.

I’ve edited all 183 pages of my contemporary so it is ready to be submitted to an e-publisher.  I’m going to start editing my Golden Heart entry today so I can have a critique partner look it over and send it in before Thanksgiving.

I still have plans for Nano. If I don’t hit 50,000 words I’m not going to beat myself up, because I’ve done more writing-related stuff this month than I’ve done in months.

Just keep in mind the whole door/window thing.

Jill James

6 thoughts on “Nanowrimo Day 9

  1. Hey there girlie!! At least you are getting something done! I am hoping to write a bit tonight….we will see!

  2. I’m still plugging away at NaNo. I had to break it down into small goals in order to hit the 50k. I have to self edit as I go b/c I just can’t keep writing junk. So hopefully I can get to the 50k mark.
    Good luck with your GH entry.

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