The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory

other queenThe Other Queen by Philippa Gregory


**spoiler alert** Mary, Queen of Scots dies in the book. She is beheaded at the order of her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I of England


I thought I knew the story of Mary, Queen of Scots. A foolish woman who ruled with her heart instead of her head. Taking husbands and lovers right and left. Philippa Gregory’s book puts a different spin on a famous tale of Elizabethan history.

The Mary in this book believes with her heart and soul she is safe from being killed because she is annointed by God to rule her lands. Until the bitter end she believes in her cousin’s beliefs that an annointed Queen can not be killed.

The book shows a different side of Mary, a Queen who might have done great things if she had had advisors who wanted her to succeed. If she had had loyal countrymen willing to free her from England. If she had had a loyal half-brother who didn’t seize her throne the moment she was stuck in England.

The story is told from Mary’s, George Talbot’s – her jailer/host, and his wife’s Bess POV. It has a clear view of the times and what was at stake for Mary and Queen Elizabeth I at every choice they made.

**disclaimer** – book reviewed was purchased by reviewer at book store.

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