You’re The One That I Haunt by Terri Garey

hauntYou’re The One That I Haunt by Terri Garey

Paranormal Romance

Someone was talking about this new release on a blog and I rushed out to get it. I love Paranormal Romance.  This story was amazing. Now that I’ve finished reading it I’m going to have to rush out and get the other ones in the series.  Nicki Styx is the most interesting character I’ve read in a long time.  Her hero, Joe Bascombe is to die for and the secondary characters in this book are just as rich and full-blown as the hero and heroine.  I enjoyed that Nicki is not perfect.  She has a checkered past and an ecletic present.  Her town sounds like a place I would love to visit, her family a strong one and always at her side and covering her back.  I can’t wait to get A Match Made in Hell and Dead Girls are Easy.

Jill James


6 thoughts on “You’re The One That I Haunt by Terri Garey

  1. Jill, I don’t usually read paranormals (of course, I will make an exception when one of yours gets published!), but you know I love the show TrueBlood. Wasn’t Nicki Styx a member of a rock band?

  2. Carol, are you thinking of Stevie Nicks? Of Fleetwood Mac?
    I love True Blood too, even though it was kinda strange this past week.

    I started out reading Science Fiction and Time Travels and I think that just morphed into Paranormals.

  3. LOL – No, I was thinking of Nikki Six from Motley Crue! TB was very strange last week. Do you think the Dallas vampire ratted out Sookie? It couldn’t be Eric, could it? Loved the scene where Eric was made a vampire. I feel sorry for Sam – thought he found true love – I didn’t trust her. Everyone’s in a big mess – Sookie, Sam, Bill, Lafayette. Will Jason have to save Sookie?!

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