July 20, 1969

"one small step..."

"one small step..."

July 20, 1969…..Where were you?


I was almost six years old.  I recall sitting in front of the cabinet television, black and white of course, with coffee table legs.  I sat close enough to touch the screen, to touch Neil Armstrong as he touched the moon.  The orange shag carpet itched the back of my legs as I sat there for hours entranced as the news announcers gave us minute by minute updates, until the moment when the lander touched the surface of a foreign world.  When Armstrong stepped down and floated slowly to the moon I wanted to be there.


I spent years afterwards wanting to be the first female astronaut.  I wanted to be a space colonist, living on the moon and making it better for the citizens of the Earth.  I wanted to leave my mark on the world just as Neil Armstrong left his footprints on the Moon.


Writing a book is not the same thing exactly, but I hope my words will live after me, even if only for my children and grandchildren to read.


Jill James

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