Change doesn’t come easy or cheap.  Many resist change just for hardheadiness sake.  Many are afraid of change.

PrintMembers of RWA (Romance Writers of America) have united to bring education and awareness of digital publishing to the organization.  E-books are here and they are here to stay.  Governor: Arnold Schwarzenegger of California has called on the state to produce e-format for textbooks to lower school costs.

Education of print published and the unpublished of RWA about the realities and pitfalls and benefits of e-publishing must come from within. We are not trying to tear down RWA but build it up.  Add e-publishing to making a writer a published author in the eyes of her peers.  To have a representative on the board knowledgeable about the digital publishing world.  To make all writers in RWA published or unpublished, no more no-man’s land, double standard for the electronically published.

It is a brave new world and we invite RWA to embrace the change.

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Jill James, unpublished member in good standing with RWA