Hold Back The Dark – Eileen Carr



Hold Back the Dark by Eileen Carr

 This story is about moving on.  Aimee Gannon has been a victim of violent crime and she refuses to be a victim any longer.  She is a survivor and she helps others be survivors too.
Detective Josh Wolf is investigating a double homicide with the only witness a teenager unable to talk. With Aimee’s help he tries to solve the case.  The twists keep coming in Carr’s debut romantic suspense book.  The characters are flesh and blood and we care what happens to them.
Side note: just got back from a retreat with Eileen.  Reading this book was very interesting.  Don’t know if she planned it but Josh’s partner, Elise is Eileen.  Every time that woman opened her mouth and talked all I heard was Eileen’s voice.  It was really cool.  Like an audio book in my head. LOL

Jill James 


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