Writers Retreat

Writers call it “refilling the well”.  As writers we pour our souls into our stories. Every emotion is there on the page forwell the world to see. Every once in a while we have to commune with other writers. Writing is such a solitary pursuit. Except for those moments when magic happens. When writers get together lightning strikes like the flare of a million fireflies. New ideas fill your brain, seeing a new way to get through writers block, or a way to hoist up your sagging middle. Only other writers understand what you are asking for or needing.

darkThis weekend our chapter had a writers retreat with guest speaker: Eileen Rendahl/Carr.  She was amazing. Just listening to her writing process was a light bulb moment. Every writer writes differently. And that is okay.

A group of women are an amazing thing.  It is so different from being with family or friends or couples. Our retreat was small this year and that just added to the flavor. We got to know our new members very well and discover a depth of our friends and fellow members we hadn’t known before.

My well is refilled and I can go on with my writing with renewed energy and hope, knowing those ladies will be there when I again need them and I will be there for them.

Jill James


4 thoughts on “Writers Retreat

  1. Wonderful summary of the retreat and the support we all found there! So glad you feel renewed and ready to write. Go BDs!

    • Virna, I did have a wonderful time. I have a new understanding of the outdoors thanks to Lee and a new knowledge of our new members. It was a heartful (lol) weekend.

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I’ve never been on a writers’ retreat, but I am President of a small writers group here in West Texas. You’ve got me thinking maybe we should host a retreat sometime.

    -James A Woods

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