May Day

wildflowersMay Day

When I was a little girl May Day was a special day at our house.  My little brother and I would get up with the sunrise, go outside, and collect flowers in the neighborhood while the dew was still damp on the petals.

Looking back, I realize now that we raided the neighbors flowerbeds. LOL   But, we only took one from this house and one from that house, so I think we weren’t too bad.

Once back at the house we would make and decorate a card, make a paper basket with a handle, and hang it filled with flowers on my mother’s doorknob.  Once that was taken care of we would make her breakfast and serve her breakfast in bed.

I think we were all so thrilled May had arrived and hopefully rain and cold was gone and Spring had finally arrived we made an event of May 1st.

Jill James