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Sudden Death


By Allison Brennan


Allison Brennan does it again with her latest, Sudden Death, first in the FBI Trilogy.  She takes the plight of our returning war veterans and makes it personal.

FBI Agent is searching for the killer of a homeless veteran in Sacramento.  Soon the case turns nationwide and she is joined by mercenary Jack Kincaid who is searching for the killer of his friend, another war  veteran.

The plot twists and turns in as many bends as the San Joaquin River running through Sacramento.  The end is amazing and totally unexpected.  The romance of this romantic suspense is a little more graphic and gritty than I am used to in a Brennan book, but totally fits the characters and what they have personally been through in life.

Jill James

7 thoughts on “Blog a Book

  1. Sounds very timely, since in Sac there has been a lot about the homeless problem due to all the foreclosers. Might have to check this one out.

  2. Hmmm, my first comment didn’t save, so I guess I’ll try this again. I’ll have to try this book out…It is very timely considering right now in Sac, it has one of the largest homeless camps in the nation, due to the foreclosers in the central valley.

  3. I love Allison’s books and I’m always happy when another one hits the shelves!

    Allison is not only an amazing writer, she’s always been an advocate for other authors. She is definitely one of my personal heroes.

    Thanks for a intriguing review, Jill!!


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