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Evil Without A Face by Jordan Dane


Romantic suspense is my new fave of romance books.  I love Allison Brennan, Karen Rose, and Jordan Dane.  Ms. Dane’s books are unique and fresh.  She takes a well-known story from the headlines, or true crime and puts her own touch on the stories.  From the viewpoint of the victim she makes the crimes horrific and personal.  She throws a light on the darkness we try to ignore in this world.  There is evil out there and it can touch anyone at anytime.  But, since these are romances as well you get a happily ever after and justice for the victims.

Jill James



3 thoughts on “Blog a Book

  1. Thanks so much for posting your thoughts on my new release, Amanda. And to put me in such great company as Allison and Karen–two really talented authors–makes me feel truly special.

    Allison has been a mentor to me and I love her personally and love her books too. And in 2008, Karen found me at Thrillerfest in NYC and later at RWA and made me feel really special when she knew who I was. She’s a doll and a wonderful author who I admire so much. I attended her workshop at RWA and loved it.

    Thanks again for supporting a new author and taking a risk on my book in these hard economic times. It means a lot to me.


  2. Jordan, thanks for stopping by the blog. I remember meeting you at the literacy signing at RWA National in San Francisco.

  3. That was my first literacy signing too. A real right of passage kind of thing. And to sit in that huge room with all the other authors makes you feel like you’re part of a bigger community. Thanks again!

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