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Many things affect a writer’s world – headaches, writers block, deadlines, noisy children, annoying spouses, and lack of plot or storyline. Sometimes the smallest things can make the world all right. For me that is a new bed. We are getting a new bed after 20 years of the same one. It dips, it sags, it is just plain old. But, we keep everything forever and so when we do need new we suffer sticker shock. Big time!!

A few years back I started suffering migraines and I’m about 90% sure it is the bed. The new one has a pillowtop and is like sleeping on a cloud. When I tried it out at the store and salesman had to leave and help another customer and I almost fell asleep on it. That was it, I knew I had to have that bed.

No matter what the bed costs, and it was hefty let me tell you, it will be worth it. Because a good night’s sleep and waking up rearing to go and write write write is priceless.

Jill James


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  1. i bought a new bed for the same reasons about a year ago and i know what you mean about sticker shock but boy was it worth dave and i both sleep so much better and although i still have major migrains they arent as often. so enjoy your new bed …

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